Modern Wall Clocks – The Perfect Choice to Make an Impact on Wall

Here at Big Living we have a vast array of unique modern wall clocks, which creates a beautiful and individual style to any room. With all our modern wall clocks, they offer eye catching designs suited to anyone’s taste and preference, looking just as stylish as some modern wall art. The modern wall clocks are available in a diverse range of forms and materials. They also come fitted and fully functional with high-quality quartz movements, they also offer a new and alternative style and appearance rather than a basic time piece such as the everyday conventional clock. The modern wall clocks are a perfect addition to any room and can be found for every occasion among the wide selection of different designs.

Some of our Modern Wall Clocks are part of collections and match a set of furniture, which is an excellent if you are matching a room together. On the other hand, our rouge single modern wall clocks look just as fantastic with their unique and one off designs, adding a hint of sophistication and exclusiveness.


All our Modern Wall Clocks come in a range of colours, finishes and made with a varied array of materials. With all these factors combined it does make something contemporary and special to the room, creating a colourful wall art. With all our modern wall clocks being compelling and certified, all are in a selection of shapes and sizes, some being lightly rounded and others having corners and edges, the choice of shape is endless!

All our clocks are easy to maintain and clean, simply just wipe with a soft dry cotton cloth or a wipe. To keep it beautiful gleaming design shining and being the focal point of any room.

So why not grab yourself a sleek modern wall clock which can add a splash of style to your room now from Big Living.

The Truth About Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights are most often used in warehouses, offices, schools and on occasion garages, because of their size and durability. They also give out non focused light, which means they can cover a large area of space, as opposed to direct lighting, would only cover a small amount of space, and would therefore cost more to light large areas, or areas where there is little natural light. They are also very cost efficient, so save schools and companies money on energy bills. These tough lights are the last word, in durability, reliability and effectiveness when it comes to industrial lighting.


Indoor gardening- A great alternative to growing plants outdoors especially if you live in a home without a garden or in a high rise flat. A lack of wide open spaces shouldn’t be a barrier to exercising your green thumb. Some fluorescent lighting can act as the perfect surrogate for sun light, insuring that your flora can thrive indoors as well as it can outdoors, all with the right fluorescent lighting.

Photography- Very cheap in comparison to other photography lighting equipment. Creates a softer light and fluorescent lights are great at emphasizing anything reflective as well. However, they are said to be very difficult to work with.

Kitchens, garages and other places around the home- Tubes can come in very big sizes or as small as you average light bulb so can be placed anywhere in the home. As mentioned earlier the light is non focused meaning that yet again it can be placed anywhere in your home.

Father’s day is approaching

Forgot it’s father’s day? Don’t worry, Big Living have a wide range of great products for you to gift this year such as home ware decor for interiors and exterior designs. Father’s day is great to be thankful and appreciate all the big and little things your father has done. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a father, grandfather or a father figure, Father's-Daya present (Sofa, sofa bed, mattress, Arm Chair, pillow, ceiling light etc) with a meaning always tops other presents. Don’t you think? Have a look at what we offer, you’ll never know what you’ll find.

Comfort comes first…

Moved out of the family home? Treat your dad with a new comfortable recliner, he’ll love it. Not sure what to go for? Have a look at our range, measure up and then come back to narrow down your search. Looking for something not as big? Our leather chairs are ideal to manoeuvre on a regular basis’s if needed, it also comes with a matching footstool, so get your father to sit back and relax this Sunday.

Does he already own a recliner or just doesn’t have any space? Worry not, our range of products have many luxurious comfort within which would be ideal to gift. Have a look at the following top five presents to gift this year:

  1. Sofas are a great way to redecorate the living room, whether if your old sofas worn out or just looking for a new change. We stock sofas from different colours, sizes and brands. Picking the best sofa is critical as it will last you for some time. All orders over £40 have FREE shipping, that’s right! It’s a great opportunity to get the family together over the weekend!
  2. Sofa beds wouldn’t be considered to be the number one present, however support your father decorate this year, it might be something he really needs. Whether you’re looking for something classic and traditional or funky and colourful we have it.
  3. Treat your father this year with a new mattress, he’ll be chuffed. Not only does mattress make sleeping a lot more comfortable it also increases your body posture, that’s why we recommend changing your mattress every seven to ten years.
  4. Here at Big Living our wide range of armchairs come in different colours, sizes and brands. They’re a great piece of furniture that looks grand. Our arm chairs are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms or guest rooms. Whoever you’re gifting this father’s day, make their day with one of our arm chairs.
  5. Pillows are always underrated, they bring lots of comfort and decor within your home, unless you’re looking for something outdoors we provide pillows for outdoor furniture seating. Simply narrow down your search on our filter to find what you’re looking for a lot more efficient.
  6. Make your dad happy with the ceiling light to make living room more brighter and full of positive energy. Good quality pendant ceiling lights makes room enlightened.

Whatever you chose to gift your father this year make sure it’s one to remember! Lastly we want to recommend following /liking us on our social media sites for live updates on Big Living. Ordered from us? Send us pics, we love to see how you’ve decorated with Big Living furniture. You can simply call our friendly team for any help or advice on 0121 667 8312, we’re happy to help.

Keep your father organised this year and treat him this father’s day!

Moved out from the family house? Whether you have or not, father’s will always need your help whether they say it or not. Here at Big Living we have many products that will keep him organised this father’s day, whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, bed room or even the bathroom. Browse through the web site to find what you’re looking for, running out of time? Use our efficient filter to find products quicker by price, brand and colour. Have a look at the following Big Living’s top seven organisational products, you’ll never know what you’ll find!


  1. Written down messages on paper and lost them? It’s always the case, however our message boards are ideal to keep important messages on display as it’s a great constant reminder. Our message boards come in different finishes and styles great for all interior designs. Is your father not found of writing on chalk? Not all our message boards come with chalk, we also have boards that enable you to pin up letters and pictures from their grandchildren.
  2. Storage baskets are very popular within households, helping to keep them organised, apart from keeping organised you’ll also keep your room looking stylish. Our storage baskets come in different colours and sizes, you’ll be sure to find something that will suit your fathers desired room!
  3. Fathers are always collecting memorabilia and if it’s not that its magazines. Our magazine racks are ideal to keep things in order. Whether you’re looking for something desecrate or on display, we have it! Our contemporary magazine racks help create elegance throughout your living room, spare room or bedroom especially if you like a bit of late night reading.
  4. You can’t live in Britain and not owe an umbrella stand. Living through the struggle not knowing when it’s going to rain we constantly need to have an umbrella at hand. However, living in a big or small house hold drenched umbrellas can become a nuisance, our umbrella stands are great to make the smallest things tidy. Umbrella stands aren’t the number one gift, but you never know your father or father figure may just need one.
  5. What day is it again? Calendars come in handy on a daily biases, whether you’re looking for something to suit your living room or office we’ve got it. Buy your father a calendar to remind him when it’s your birthday so that he remembers to treat you!
  6. We have a range of rustic or modern letter racks which will help your father stay on top of important documents and keep tidy. As well as keeping organised you also need to consider what design will suit the interior design. Have a look through our range, you’ll never know what you might find!
  7. Is your father a chocolate lover? Aren’t we all? Here at Big Living we have a range of canisters and jars, ideal to store your father’s guilty pleasures. Whether you’re looking for something plain and simple or colourful and funky to gift, we have it! Those were our top seven products to gift this father’s day. Browse through our web site for more info, you may come cross something not on the list that you feel you father, grandfather or father figure may appreciate.

Lastly we want to remind you to follow/live our social media posts for live updates. Ordered from us? Send us pics, we love to see how you’ve decorated with Big Living furniture. You can simply call our friendly team for any help or advice on 0121 667 8312, we’re happy to help.