The Truth About Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights are most often used in warehouses, offices, schools and on occasion garages, because of their size and durability. They also give out non focused light, which means they can cover a large area of space, as opposed to direct lighting, would only cover a small amount of space, and would therefore cost more to light large areas, or areas where there is little natural light. They are also very cost efficient, so save schools and companies money on energy bills. These tough lights are the last word, in durability, reliability and effectiveness when it comes to industrial lighting.


Indoor gardening- A great alternative to growing plants outdoors especially if you live in a home without a garden or in a high rise flat. A lack of wide open spaces shouldn’t be a barrier to exercising your green thumb. Some fluorescent lighting can act as the perfect surrogate for sun light, insuring that your flora can thrive indoors as well as it can outdoors, all with the right fluorescent lighting.

Photography- Very cheap in comparison to other photography lighting equipment. Creates a softer light and fluorescent lights are great at emphasizing anything reflective as well. However, they are said to be very difficult to work with.

Kitchens, garages and other places around the home- Tubes can come in very big sizes or as small as you average light bulb so can be placed anywhere in the home. As mentioned earlier the light is non focused meaning that yet again it can be placed anywhere in your home.