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Brighter than the Sun

The outdoor lighting collection we offer here at Big Living varies from a range of fitted lights to spotlights, security lights and loads more creative styles of lighting. We provide very price competitive and effective outdoor lighting to give you the best visibility during the late hours of the night. These lights can be installed both in front of your home or out the back garden of your home, the options for positioning placement is unlimited, with loads of stylishly elegant lighting ideas with unique designs and shapes, there is something for everyone for all aspects of outside housing.

We offer all sorts of different types of styles from retro wall lanterns to modern spotlights, both which light up your garden. Currently outdoor lighting is an essential to homes, not only for design and to light up the nearby area, it is a key visual essential to protect your property from intruders, highlighting blind spot areas is something that is addressed by the correct lighting weather that be placed in the front or back gardens. This is just a few of the numerous reasons why you would invest in garden lighting.

So, bright up your home exterior now by illuminating your front and backend home now, with our outdoor lights that look contemporary and chic and remember LEDs are incredibly energy-efficient, meaning that they only require a small amount of electricity to function. That, of course, makes solar outdoor lighting way more efficient.

So add a touch of elegance to your exterior and start here at Big Living.

Upgrade Your Kitchen With Ceiling Lights

Kitchen Ceiling lights is the main feature to why your Kitchen Gleams as bright as it does. Making the surfaces shine and the floor sparkle. The kitchen ceiling lights brightens the kitchen any time of day whether it is day or night. But choosing the right Kitchen ceiling light for your kitchen to match all your current kitchen decor and color can sometimes be a tricky job.

Here at Big Living, we have a range of Kitchen Ceiling lights, all varied in shape, size and color to meet your needs to have the perfect kitchen ceiling light. It is important to have the right light to enhance your kitchen beauty, and to make the room more cozy and comfortable for the people who use it daily.

Although Natural Lighting is always a beautiful sight on a nice warm summer day with the blinds open and the garden door open, sadly that’s not always the case. The Kitchen Ceiling Lights whereas direct lighting creates an inviting vibe. Our contemporary Kitchen ceiling lights are great for new modernized Kitchens as it lifts the interior design. If you’re looking to renovate your Kitchens design be sure to browse through Big Livings wide selection of ceiling lights. Our product range includes pendant lights, chandeliers, track lighting, down lighting and much more. Majority of our LED ceiling lights come in a range of colors such as white, aluminum, chrome and steel. The dimensions of a room will greatly affect your choice of lighting also.

The Kitchen is an important room in any household and deserves to look spectacular for guests and for yourself of course. It is a room that should be cozy and inviting and as the heart of the home it needs the correct lighting for all those many functions.

Creative Vases for Your Home

Here at Big Living we offer a vast array of different styled and made Vases. Using materials such as ceramics, glass, non-rusting metals, such as aluminium, brass, bronze or stainless steel. We promise you we will have a vase desired to suit your taste and needs of your beautiful home. Vases are very tasteful and will create a focal point and charter to each room. Vases are primarily used as open containers or to hold items like flowers in. Big Living offer various styles of Vases such as Bottle shaped, Jars, Pitchers, Cylinder, round and loads more! These shapes range from basic to abstract. Vases such as Greek vases hold a more complex yet stunning shape and vintage design to them, Yet their beauty still remain supreme. Various styles and types of vases have been developed around the world in different time periods.

Having fresh flowers in the home not only looks amazing, but it can also have a positive impact on our emotional wellbeing. And if you’ve been working hard to grow such stunning blooms in the first place using one of our stunning vases is a smart way of displaying them. The most common type of vase is the narrow neck vase, and we have a range of different coloured and styled ones here at Big Living. The narrow neck vase is the most classic shaped vase, with a wide base that narrows towards the neck to keep blooms bunched together. Flowers with thin stems that will fit through the neck but have a big corolla is perfect for this type of vase. This is also a great way of displaying traditional flower arrangements, mixed flower bouquets, and even a large bunch of the same kind of flowers in the same colour. Very Modern and Very stylish of course.

Big Living Vases come in all the shapes mentioned above and some extra designs too. They are available in a wide variety of colors and some even have patterns and pictures painted on them. These vases can help emphasize the theme of the bouquet and enhance its appearance.

The Truth About Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights are most often used in warehouses, offices, schools and on occasion garages, because of their size and durability. They also give out non focused light, which means they can cover a large area of space, as opposed to direct lighting, would only cover a small amount of space, and would therefore cost more to light large areas, or areas where there is little natural light. They are also very cost efficient, so save schools and companies money on energy bills. These tough lights are the last word, in durability, reliability and effectiveness when it comes to industrial lighting.


Indoor gardening- A great alternative to growing plants outdoors especially if you live in a home without a garden or in a high rise flat. A lack of wide open spaces shouldn’t be a barrier to exercising your green thumb. Some fluorescent lighting can act as the perfect surrogate for sun light, insuring that your flora can thrive indoors as well as it can outdoors, all with the right fluorescent lighting.

Photography- Very cheap in comparison to other photography lighting equipment. Creates a softer light and fluorescent lights are great at emphasizing anything reflective as well. However, they are said to be very difficult to work with.

Kitchens, garages and other places around the home- Tubes can come in very big sizes or as small as you average light bulb so can be placed anywhere in the home. As mentioned earlier the light is non focused meaning that yet again it can be placed anywhere in your home.